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Condos and Homes in Port Credit


An approximate twenty minutes journey from Toronto will take you to an admirable lakefront village that’s often called GTA’s hidden gem. What used to be a trading post centuries ago is now one of the most desirable communities in the whole of Mississauga. Waterfront trails and parks are without a doubt the exquisite highlights about the Port Credit area. With its thriving real estate, Port Credit has been in development for the past 15 years with luxury the number of townhouses and condos keeping up with the growing population of the area. If you’re on a hunt for a property in Port Credit, you can choose from a variety of historic century homes, pre-war homes and post-war suburban-style houses to luxurious condominiums and townhouses. Still intact to its history, the village is a combination of both contemporary and historic going in harmony.

Contemporary Condos and Townhouses

The specifically designed townhouses and condos located near the waterfront speak luxury. This is precisely the reason why they are in high demand with the breathtaking views, comfort and convenience they offer. Condos like Bijou on Bloor, 55C Condos, Royal Bayview, One Delisle and plenty more which are either under construction or still in their planning phase is already up for grabs. And the ones already sold in April have been sold for prices ranging up to $3.95 million.

Renovated and Custom Homes

As the demand for properties in Port Credit is constantly climbing, the re-development projects in the area are on full boost. The old town atmosphere, beautiful architecture, lovely parks and comfy livelihood make it the top preferred community. It is the ideal place to settle down with a village lifestyle and you can find renovated houses with around 4000 square foot area. These are modern rebuilds for the communities that can’t afford a luxurious condo.

Small Detached Homes

There is a variety of century, pre-war and post-war cottages in Port Credit that are a lot more affordable than the townhouses in the area. It is a mix of style and history. Instead of tearing down the property and re-building from scratch, these houses were given a contemporary twist with upgraded finish and landscaping while making sure that they don’t lose the original charm. These are meant for single families with prices varying from a range of $1 million to $3 million.

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