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Here’s Why You Need to Skip the White Picket Fence and Start Living the Condo Lifestyle

Start Living the Condo Lifestyle

As housing prices in Toronto continue to rise, the traditional white picket fence home continues to fall out of reach for many GTA residents. For nearly a decade, prices have continued to go up, demand is almost always outpacing supply, and sellers continue to reap the benefits created by current market conditions.

But this still leaves a larger and younger portion of the population longing to become homeowners. While traditional homes may be too pricey for these younger buyers, condominiums are quickly becoming the go-to way to become a homeowner.

And with condo ownership comes the ability to live the condo lifestyle in Toronto and the GTA.

That’s not too bad, right?

There are many notable benefits to living the condo lifestyle. In this article, we are going to make the case why you should say goodbye to the white picket fence and look into living the condo lifestyle instead.

Condo Life Provides A Rich and Vibrant Community

One of the greatest perks of living in a condo has to do with the community. While you may never get to know your neighbor down the hall, you will likely meet people just like you when you exercise at the gym, swim in your building’s pool, or at the local bars nearby.

When you live in a condo, you have all the opportunity in the world to meet people, to enjoy a lifestyle of leisure, and to live in an area that you could never dream of owning a traditional home in.

Think about it like this…

Where else could you marvel in the beautiful downtown Toronto skyline and be just minutes from the Rogers Center, the CN Tower, the Entertainment District, or a quick stroll through High Park?

The answer? It all has to do with living the condo lifestyle.

Living the Condo Lifestyle Equals Less Maintenance

Striking a balance between work and play is tough, especially when you need to devote your free time to fixing your house.

While condo owners still have to make minor repairs, the important aspects of your home like heating, windows, balcony, and other stuff is covered by the condo corporation that oversees your building.

This means less repairs for you, and the ability to enjoy your free time, not loathe it like a traditional homeowner who spends their entire weekend fixing their home.

No one wants to be that person.

When you live the condo lifestyle, you don’t have to.

Condo Life | Top-End Security

There’s something reassuring when you know your Condo has dedicated security. No one wants random strangers wandering into their building unannounced.

One of the best perks of living the condo lifestyle in Toronto and the GTA is the security desk. You can easily approve your guests, restrict anyone you don’t want to see, and sleep easy at night knowing that your building is protected from unwanted visitors.

This is especially beneficial for condos located in downtown Toronto where homeless individuals sometimes try and sleep in condo lobbies and other inviting spaces.

Your Close to Everything

Imagine living in Vaughan and working in downtown Toronto. The thought of that commute is likely to give you nightmares. It’s not unrealistic to throw away nearly 15% of your day if you had to make that commute.

Living the condo lifestyle comes with the convenience of being near your work, all the stores you need, and many of the best attractions in the city.

Whether you need that final ingredient for a recipe, a tent for an impromptu camping trip, or whatever else life throws at you, you’re more than likely within walking distance of a store that can sell you what you need so there’s no need to always get in the car and drive places where you can’t find parking.

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• Downtown condo living in Toronto and the GTA is far more affordable than buying a traditional home.

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