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The Ever-happening Distillery District, Toronto

The Ever-happening Distillery District, Toronto

A pedestrian-friendly and historic town located in Toronto, the Distillery District has plenty to offer, ranging from artistic places to endless shopping destinations. The area gets its name from its former occupants, the Gooderham and Worts Distillery and is now one of the prime areas of settlement in the city of Toronto. Located in close proximity to the Old Toronto area as well as Cork Town and East Bay-front, this district is primarily a mixed-use settlement of residential and commercial establishments.

One of the things that truly sets the Distillery district apart is the type of commercial establishments that exist in harmony with the residential towers and structures. During its development stages after 2001, the area had a strict no-lease policy to chains and franchises. As a result, the Distillery District is now a collection of unique boutiques, studios, art galleries, cafes, coffeehouses, and restaurants. This rustic charm can be observed in the day to day activities of this little town and its people. A motto that has come to form is to appreciate art in all forms and hence buskers are also encouraged in the area to spread some music and life. International as well as local artists can be found performing on the streets and are widely appreciated by the residents and passer-by’s alike.

The street is known for its ever-abundant shopping options for items ranging from apparel to health and beauty. Take a walk into the golden age of vintage at shops such as Blackbird Vintage, a world of fashion at City of Angels or Crimson & Clover, or choose to be mesmerized by the art put on display at the Arta or Corkin Gallery. The Distillery District is also home to a collage of events throughout the year organized by people around the globe as well as locals. From every May to October, every Sunday, the crowd gathers in the city centre for its farmers’ market. This event brings people from a hundred miles’ radius to the centre of the city where a brilliant set of displays of local products, jewellery artefacts, fresh groceries and a multitude of other products are brought for sale. This community event brings the sellers and the customers together without boundaries for fresh produce and original art in the absence of middlemen.

For dining options, the Distillery district boasts of outlets like the Arena Coffee bar where you can unwind with coffee, the Boku Noodle bar for some Chinese and several other classy places where you can enjoy cuisine to its best. The Street is also famous for its own micro-brewery; Mills St. Brew Pub which is renowned for its brewing quality and pristine taste.
A combination of activities, shopping spaces, dining options and a world of creativity makes the Distillery District of Toronto a much sought-out place for settling in. A place located in the midst of the urban area while retaining the best of small-town characteristics. What could possibly be better than that? The area is also well connected by local buses and tams that run across. It is also close to the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway for easy access to the rest of the state.

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